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Oct. 15, 2020

Make This a Halloween to Remember in Berks County

If you're still looking for a fun and safe way to enjoy the Halloween and Fall seaason, look no further than these local Berks County farms and attractions. Your family is sure to make this a time to remember. Here are a few of the fall celebrations taking place locally.

Brecknock Orchard Fall Festivals

Brecknock Orchard’s rich Lancaster County soil has been growing fruit for over 75 years. Enjoy the outdoors during special activities at the orchard.

Fall Activities:

Wagon Ride Orchard Tours
Straw Maze In the Big Barn
Rope Maze and outdoor games
Trike Bale Trail
Children’s Crafts
Make your own caramel apple
Free Samples of Apple Butter, Apple Cider, and Apples
Applesauce Demonstration
Orchard Agriculture Educational Displays
Festival Activities

Colebrookdale Railroad

Lost in the deep woods sheltering the Manatawny and Ironstone Creeks is a mythical secret valley. Though today only white-tailed deer, great blue heron, and bald eagles know the beauty of this legendary land, it was once the province of pioneers and patriots.

Featured Excursions and Themes:

Pumpkin Patch

Eerie Limited

Zombie Hunter Train

Mast Farms Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch

Navigate your way thru the miles of paths cut into the tall corn. You’ll have to be especially cunning to find your way out, making decisions at every corner as to which way to go. Compete with your friends or join forces to exit in the quickest time possible. Expect anywhere from 1 to 2 hours of corn-fusion while walking your way out.

Frecon Farms Pick Your Own Pumpkins

Come visit to pick your own pumpkins right from the farm & enjoy a day strolling the Frecon farms with family & friends during fall season. Our estate Cidery produces award winning artisanal ciders available at our Retail Store, Farmers Market, and area restaurants.

Weaver's Orchard Fall Family Fun Days

Fall Family Fun Days festivals feature food, hay rides, pick-your-own fruit & pumpkins and plenty of kids’ activities. Kids will love face painting, obstacle courses and the clown. Also include Giant straw bale play area, Barrel train, Inflatable obstacle course, Swing set, Farm animals & alpacas and more!

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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Oct. 8, 2020

These Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas Will Make Your Berks County Porch Pop

Are you looking for a way to make your front porch stand out in Berks County this Halloween? If you love carving pumpkins, then you'll love these creative pumpkin carving ideas. They're definitely different and will add a fun twist to your autumn decor.

Wood-Burning Stove Pumpkin

This cute wood stove idea will warm up your front porch. It's wasy to make, and you can find a stencil for it here.


Candy Land Pumpkin

What could go better with a pumpkin at Halloween than candy? You can borrow some your candy to make this with gum drops, peppermints, candy corn, and more. You can find the tutorial here.


Robot Pumpkin

You don't need a degree in robotics to create this fun pumpkin. In fact, you don't need to carve much at all.  A melon baller will make creating all those little "buttons" so much easier. It's so easy, you can make it have a friend or two.


Ghost Pumpkin Topiary

Carve out doors on three pumpkins and have happy (or scary) ghosts pop out. You can even fill the pumpkins with fluff to look like smoke.


Pumpkin Flower Vase

After covering your pumpkin with metallic spray paint, carve a deep hole in the top, then slide in a plastic cup. Fill the cup with water and a medley of bright blooms.


Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil Pumpkin Trio

Three are always better than one, especially in this setup. Since there's three pumpkins to carve, divide the carving duties up between family members to save time and let's face it, stress.

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Oct. 1, 2020

Plan For Hidden Costs When Buying a Home in Berks County

There's more to the cost of buying a home in Berks County than just the asking price. When it comes to the true cost of owning a home, you have to also consider the hidden costs. These costs have taken many a home owner by surprise and then they find themselves under water in their new home. But if you prepare for those hidden costs before you move into your new home, you can better prepare for the unexpected.

Expect the Unexpected

There are anticipated costs when you close on a home, such as homeowner's insurance, closing costs, and appraisal fees. But what you may not initially think about is the fact that the previous owners can affect your costs of moving in. Did the previous owner take any major appliances you have to replace? Just one missing appliance can cost you hundreds of dollars. That might not seem like a ton of money compared to the price of the home, but it can add up easily. And if you used all of your cash on the down payment, it becomes a larger issue. It's a good idea to confirm with the seller what appliances they may be taking so that you can include the replacement costs in your budget before you move in.

There may also have to take care of immediate home improvements or repairs. To avoid having to cough up that cash, you can try to cover it in the negotiations before closing. That is will be your last chance to have the seller cover those costs, whether by reducing the price of the home, or making the repairs themselves before you move in.

Plan for Comforts

Of course, you want to be comfortable in your new home in Berks County. Is the home you're buying already wired for modern tech gadgets? If you want internet service, you may need to have the service provider install wiring for it. Most cable companies charge extra for installation. It's a good idea to check with all the service providers you'll need, including power, water, and garbage to get an idea how much those charges may be. Your power company may also be able to give you an idea of costs based on the previous owner's usage.

Think Ahead

Planning for the cost of owning a home really should start at the beginning of your search. This is especially important if you're a first time home buyer, or if you plan to buy a fixer upper. If you do buy a home that needs repairs, do your best to calculate how much those repairs will cost. You don't want to get stuck in a house you can't afford to fix. You should decide how much you can afford for the down payment, then figure out how much will be left for repairs.

Planning for hidden costs before you buy a home will help you make sure that your home buying experience goes smoothly and free of nasty surprises.

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Sept. 24, 2020

Make Buying Your First Home in Berks County a Success

Are you ready to buy your first home in Berks County? You may be excited to finally have your own home. But in a hot real estate market, finding the right home for your family might be tricky. The process can end up being a roller-coaster of hope and fear.

The real estate market is hot, and the home you fall in love with may get multiple offers. On a nationwide average, sixty-eight percent of U.S. homes sold in July were on the market for less than a month, and the median existing-home price was up 8.5% from July 2019, according to the National Realtors Association.

You may feel like you need to compete with other buyers, and that thought process can lead to you overspending or buying a home you regret later. The goal is to keep your cool when buying your first home. Here are some tips that can help.

Set a realistic budget

Before you even start looking at homes for sale in Berks County, you need to look at your finances and determine what you can realistically afford. Then yo u need to get pre-approved for a home mortgage.  Without a pre-approval, no one will take your offer seriously, and the deal may very well go to the buyers who are pre-approved. The importance of this step cannot be overstated.

Next, decide on a price range based on now much loan you've been pre-approved for and your budget. Make sure you give yourself room to breath in regards to living expenses, utilities, and maintenance costs.

Learn what to expect before you shop

Preparation is a key element to success when buying a home. An experienced agent, such as James Ernst, can guide you through decisions before you get swept up in the emotions of buying a home. Then, when you’re making offers, your agent can help you stay grounded.

Be firm on your needs, flexible on the rest

Why do you want to buy a home? Whatever the reasons, you can use them to help you decide what features you need in a home. It's OK to be picky about must-have items. Envision what day-to-day life would look like in a home you're interested in and decide if that home has what you need to make life easier.

Be willing to compromise on cosmetics you can change and amenities you don’t need. Don't expect perfection. Keep in mind that this will be your home and you can do whatever you want to it, such as paint, getting rid of ugly wallpaper, and replace the flooring and countertops.

Don’t let emotions get out of hand

Buying a home can be an anxious and frustrating experience. Be ready for those emotions and keep them from taking over. Anxiety can lead you to rush into bad decisions or get stuck and make no decisions at all. Step back and try to set those emotions to the side when you feel anxious. Talk to family or friends, as well as your agent, to gain perspective.

And make sure to pace yourself. The right home will come along. A common first-time home buyer mistake is looking at too many homes. That gets exhausting and can lead you to make decisions just to get the process over with.

Stick to your price range and priorities

There are many concessions you can make to win over a seller. They range from low-risk measures, such as being flexible on the closing date, to high-risk moves, such as waiving the right to request repairs or to back out of the deal depending on the home inspection results. The hotter the market, the more concessions buyers are under pressure to make. Be sure you understand the risks, and don’t waive any protections you can’t afford.

Buying your first home in Berks County can be a rewarding and life-changing experience if you know your limits, know what to expect, know what you want, control your emotions, and stick to your priorities.

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Sept. 17, 2020

Is It Time for a Back Yard Office?

For the past few months, many of us have had to live a new way of life when it comes to work. Working from home became such an immediate reality that many home owners in Berks County had no time to prepare for the experience, provided they didn't already have a dedicated work space. At first it seemed that this would be a temporary situation. But now, many companies are realizing the benefits of having employees work from home.

If it looks like working from home will be your ongoing situation, what can you do to make a dedicated work space? What if you don't have enough room in your home for one? 

What about your back yard? Yes, an office in your back yard is an option that's gaining popularity.

Benefits of a Backyard Office

You can create a backyard office in a couple of ways. You can convert a current shed that's in your back yard, or you can build one for that purpose. The benefits of both are privacy, which is essential to be productive.

Many at-home workers have found it difficult to balance work with life. Having a dedicated space away from your home to work can help with this issue. If you think about it, any professional mechanic would have a shop to work on cars. They wouldn't rebuild an engine in the living room (well, maybe some would). Working from home on a computer benefits from a dedicated space in the same way. It’s easier to not only separate work and home life with a differentiated space, but you may find it helps you focus when you’re working.

Do You Need a Building Permit?

You will need a permit in Berks County to build just about any structure on your property. Please check their website for more details. If applicable, you may also need to check with your Homeowners Association and get their approval.


When you scope out your backyard for a location for your office shed, look for somewhere flat with good drainage.

If you aren’t sure or your backyard needs clearing or cleaning up before you can place your shed, you might want to work with a landscaper who can help you with planning.

Prefab or Custom-Build?

You can find a prefabricated shed from a number of companies. You can either have the pieces delivered and build it on-site, or you can have it delivered already built. A prefabricated shed will be more expensive, but more convenient. You can find them in many different styles, with add-ons such as skylights and other upgrades. Some kits include doors, windows, insulation and flooring, and others don’t, so read the fine print.

Building Your Own Office Shed

If you already have a shed, you can save money by converting it to an office. Of course that option will be contingent on how well that shed is constructed. You may choose to tear it down and build a new one designed for your purposes and comfort. Your shed will need adequate insulation to deal with winters in Berks County, as well as being able to stay cool in summer.

Design Tips

The goal of any office is to create a space where you can be comfortable and productive. The last thing you want is distractions, which can be caused by discomfort. 

Try to include as much natural light as you can.

Add comfortable furnishings, and surround yourself with things you find visually appealing. Add a rug to warm the space up.

Consider whether or not you’ll have meetings in your office, and if so, how you can have a space where guests feel comfortable.

You’ll need to ensure you have electricity in your office, and also Wi-Fi.

Finally, create a landscaped path leading from your home to your office.

A shed-office is one of the biggest trends when it comes to working-from-home design. It can give you a space that’s separate from your home and family so you can remain productive and focused, and also maintain a work-life balance.

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Sept. 10, 2020

Local Dog Friendly Parks for Fall Fun!

Dog Friendly Parks in Berks County PA

Fall is the perfect time to get the furriest members of our family out of the house and exercising.  It’s the perfect temperature where you won’t have to worry about them overheating or being too cold!  Luckily, there are many dog-friendly parks and trails in the area that are sure to entertain your dog while also giving you a perfect excuse to get out of the house!


Off-Leash Dog Parks

There are many safe off-leash dog parks in the area that are perfect for letting your pup run free and play with their friends.  Most parks are completely fenced in and require dogs to be licensed and up to date on vaccinations.  Many also have designated areas for the smaller dogs and benches throughout for owners to sit while watching the dogs play. 

Danielle Ruiz-Murphy Center for Animal Welfare and Dog Park – Birdsboro

Awesome Dogs Dog Park - Temple

Upper Macungie Township Dog Park – Fogelsville

Lower Macungie Dog Park – Macungie 

Speelhoffer Dog Park – Pottstown

Pottstown Bark Park – Pottstown   

Godfrey's Dogdom – Mohnton 

Reynold's Dog Park at Schuylkill Canal Park – Phoenixville

Reservoir Dogs! Park – Phoenixville 

Lloyd Park – Downingtown 

Roonie's Canine Corner at Lambert Park – West Goshen

Connell Dog Park – Scranton 

The Garden Village Dog Park – Pittston 



Trails are perfect for getting out and exercising both the dogs and yourself!  Many have idyllic scenery and excellent social distancing options in place.  Keep in mind, when taking your dog anywhere other than a fenced-in dog park, they almost certainly will be required to be kept on a leash at all times. 

Monocacy Hill Recreation Area – Birdsboro 

·        This park offers over 5 miles of trails and outdoor adventures.  It’s very well maintained and offers some elevation and a beautiful stream. 

Natural Lands Trust's Stone Hills Preserve – Schwenksville

Natural Lands Trust's Green Hills Preserve – Mohnton

·        These preserves offer hundreds of acres of woodlands, wetlands, streams and hiking trails.

Muhlenberg Rail Trail – Temple

Ironton Rail-Trail – Coplay 

Schuylkill River Trail - John Bartram Trail – Auburn/Hamburg

Schuylkill River Trail - Thun Trail – Pottstown/Douglassville/Birdsboro

·        Both the rail trails and river trails are a part of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy.  They all have conveniently located parking and connect all of the local communities together. 

Nolde Forest – Reading

·        660 acres with 10 interchanging trails.  Enjoy hiking as well as picnicking and fishing. 

Reading Public Museum Arboretum – Reading

·        The perfect location to get your dog exercise while also enjoy the beauty of the arboretum. 

Pawlings Farm – King of Prussia

·        This local trail conveniently borders the Schuylkill River Trail and is ideal for dogs who prefer to walk further away from other dogs. 


With the various trails and parks to choose from all over the area there is no doubt that both you and your dog will enjoy your time out of the house!  Whether you’re hoping to let them run free or are setting off on a day-long adventure, enjoy the beauty that fall in PA has to offer and make lasting memories with your furry sidekick at your side. 


Make sure to keep up with our weekly blog for expert real estate advice and information!


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Sept. 3, 2020

You Can Make Downsizing Less Stressful

There are a lot of people choosing to downsize into a smaller home in Berks County these days, and for a lot of reasons. Maybe you have an empty nest and just don't need all that extra space to care for. Or maybe you just can't afford to stay comfortably in your larger home. Maybe maintaining your home is just taking up too much of your time.

If you feel the need to downsize, doing so can have many benefits. You can get rid of things you really don't need, and you can lower your utility bills. Moving into a smaller home with require you to think about your priorities and get rid of things you don't need. In essence, you will be living a more simple life.

If you plan to buy a smaller home in Berks County, de-cluttering and preparing can be intimidating. Here are a few tips that can help take out some of the stress.

Be Strategic

Figuring out where your larger items will go in your new home is the first step. If you can get a floor plan of your new home, you can map out what items will fit and what won't. Even better, you can download an app that can help make laying out your furniture much easier.

As they say, measure twice, cut once. This applies to laying out furniture as well. When you lay everything out, you can get rid of items you don't need before the move, making the actual move more simple.

If there are rooms in your current home that you won’t have at all in your new home, get rid of everything from those if you can. For example, if you’re not going to have a guestroom, start eliminating the items in your current guestroom first.

Take Inventory

As you already know, you are going to have to get rid of things to fit into your new home. And this is one of the benefits of downsizing.

Start by taking inventory of what you have versus what you need. You can begin weeding out the things you’re certain you want to get rid of, such as duplicate items.

Start Small

Starting small can keep you from becoming overwhelmed. You can start with smaller areas such as the laundry room or perhaps a small closet. Don’t start with your garage or your basement first, as those can be the biggest projects to take on.

Start Clearing Things Out

Now that you have a good idea of how much space you'll have in your new home for your things, now it's time to start getting things out of your hair.

Create four piles for your items. And none of these piles will be "maybes." Don't give yourself the option.

The first pile will be giveaways. These are the things you’re going to give to family and friends. Don't go overboard on this pile, as your friends and family may not want all that stuff.

The next pile will be donations. If something is in bad shape, don’t put it in the donate pile because it probably won’t be accepted.

Your third pile can be more valuable items that you plan to sell.

Finally, your fourth pile heads to the dump.

Find Help

Downsizing can be an emotional experience. It's natural to get attached to things. So try to get help from a friend who isn't attached to those items. You have to think logically about what you keep and don't keep, and what works best in your new home.

If you're really having a hard time parting with things, get your friend to decide for you. But you need to resist the urge to micromanage what they give away or throw away.

You also need to make the process go as fast as possible. The more time you have to think about things, the more reasons you'll find to keep them.

Moving into smaller home and simplifying your life can be emotional, but it can be well worth the effort if you do it right.

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Aug. 27, 2020

What Updates are Best for Selling Your Home in Berks County?

If you're considering selling your home in Berks County, you may be thinking about how to make your home more desirable to buyers. Or perhaps your home just needs some updating to make it more livable for you and your family. Depending on what you remodel, the return on investment can be good. Making little changes can have big impacts when it comes to remodeling your home to sell.

Some updates will return as much as they cost in hotter markets, but unless your home is in a rapidly inflating city, you may not get enough bang for your buck.

We're not trying to discourage you from remodeling your home, but to encourage you to rethink your expectations. Do you want to enjoy your updates for a few years? Or do you want to make your home more immediately appealing to home buyers in Berks County?

If the goal of your remodel is to improve your home life, you can't quantify the value as easily. Adding more room, updating fixtures, and rearranging traffic flow all improve the functionality of your home. Refreshing wall colors, window coverings, and flooring adds to the beauty and enjoyment of your home. Many would consider that money better spent, and if you decide to sell in a few years, you'll be ahead of the game in terms of updates that will appeal to home buyers.

But if you're remodeling strictly for the next Berks County home buyer, there's some risk. Will buyers be drawn to your choice of improvements? What if they don't share your taste or appreciate the areas where you allocated your remodeling budget?

Start with what absolutely has to be done, whether you plan to stay in your home or not. You may be tempted to put off replacing the roof for an average of nearly $20,000, because it will only return approximately 72 percent of what it costs. But a new roof could make the difference in whether or not an FHA or VA buyer can buy your home and pass government inspection.

Otherwise, stick to smaller updates that can yield big impacts in terms of curb appeal, safety and building integrity. The top five cost-to-value projects that netted the most return are:

  • Replacing the front door with a 20-guage steel door - 102%
  • Manufactured stone veneer - 92. 2%
  • Fiber-cement siding - 84.3%
  • Garage door replacement - 82.5%
  • Wood window replacement - 78%

As you can see, the most lucrative projects for resale were all about curb appeal. Seal the deal with a new welcome mat, new sconces to complement the new steel door, and potted plants for color. Wow your buyers on the outside and they'll be more likely to choose your home over the competition.

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Aug. 20, 2020

Clever Tips to Make Painting Your Berks County Home Easier

Painting your home is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make your home more appealing to home buyers in Berks County. But let's be honest, painting can be a messy pain. Here are some clever tips to help your next painting project easier and perhaps even more fun.

Wrap it up

Once you've spent all day painting and tired out, now you have to clean up. If you hate cleaning brushes, here's an unusual trick. If you're done for the day, but not done with the project, wrap the brush and throw it in the freezer overnight. You do have to thaw it out for 15 minutes the next day. Putting the brush in a Ziploc bag and making it as airtight as possible does a fine job of keeping the brush pliable for the next day, and you can just pick it up and go without the wait.

Line it

You can spend money on paint tray liners if you want. Or you can just wrap them in foil or plastic wrap to keep them clean.

Keep that foil handy

Want to make painting your doors easier? Tin foil to the rescue! Just wrap the foil around the door knob. Overlap the foil onto the door when you wrap the knob, then run a sharp utility knife around the base of the knob to trim the foil. That way you can paint right up to the edge of the knob. In addition to wrapping knobs on the doors that you'll paint, wrap all the doorknobs that are along the route to where you will clean your hands and brushes so as not to get paint on them as well from your hands or brushes.

Dust those walls

If you want a successful paint job, you need to prep your walls. You probably don't want to spray a cleaner on the wall for fear the paint may not adhere as well. Instead, use a Swiffer duster or a dryer sheet to get dust off the walls.

Use a quality paintbrush

Yes, go ahead and spend a few more dollars on a good brush. Using cheap brushes will show when they leave brush marks and bristles on the wall. Get a decent brush for a better finish, and choose an angled version for cutting in. The better the brush (and paint), the better the chance you can do without all that pesky taping.

Buy the right amount of paint from the start

The old saying of measuring twice and cutting once applies as well to painting. You should measure the area you plan to paint and buy enough paint from the start. Doing so will keep you from having to make a return trip to the store, and help ensure your color is consistent. The general rule is one gallon for every 350 square feet of surface area. All you have to do is measure walls roughly, then go to and type the dimensions into the easy online paint calculator. This tool will also ask for measurements of windows, doors, and trim so it can come up with a more precise total. Whatever the number, buy an extra quart for touch-ups.

Painting your Berks County home can be a great way to sell it faster. And you can make your next painting project more productive if you follow these tips.

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Aug. 14, 2020

Enjoy the Beauty of Reading PA Parks

We've only got a little over a month left of summer, so now is a great time to take the family to enjoy one of the beautiful parks in Reading. There's nothing like getting some fresh air and sunshine to make you feel better and lift your spirits. Here's a list of some of the best parks in recreation areas in Reading just waiting for you to enjoy.

Gring's Mill Recreation Area
2083 Tulpehocken Rd, Reading, PA 19610

Park with multi-use trails, sports courts & fields, play equipment, picnic areas & holiday events.

Museum Park
1218 Parkside Dr S, Reading, PA 19611

This park offers an amazing museum, a first rate planetarium, beautiful gardens of all seasons, an arboretum, sculpture garden, and fishing creek.

Pendora Park
1805 Forrest St, Reading, PA 19606

Public park with play areas, sports facilities & pavilion & event venue rentals. Dog friendly.

Angelica Creek Park
700 Arlington St, Reading, PA 19611

This beautiful park features a few trails for peaceful walks and a beautiful little creek with some high quality water. Good for a walk or jog. Play Disk Golf or bring your BBQ for an afternoon feast.

Mineral Spring Park
2027 Hill Rd, Reading, PA 19602

A beautiful park for talking a walk, with easy trails that the whole family can enjoy.  You can enjoy the stream and the wildlife that come to get a drink. 

Stonecliffe Recreation Area
1200 Monroe St, Reading, PA 19601

Enjoy this beautiful family area with trails that are ideal for walking or a bike ride.

Antietam Lake Park
232 Angora Rd, Reading, PA 19606

A great park for hiking and fishing. The pond has several decent spots for casting a line and bringing your own chair to relax, or one can use the provided benches.

Enjoy the beauty of the parks in Reading, and stay safe!

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