If you plan on buying a home in Berks County, you've probably figured out already how much money you'll need for the big payments, such as the down payment, monthly payments, etc.

What about the costs once you move into your new home in Berks County?

Here's a few factors to consider before buying your next home.

Green Thumb?

Do you love to garden, or at least want beautiful landscaping? If so, buying a home in Berks County with a yard will be an enjoyable experience.

Keep in mind that gardening supplies and materials, plants, flowers, and such cost money. And if you hire a landscaper, you can spend about $100 or more per month on lawn maintenance.

Are you willing to skip the lawn in favor of hardscaping to reduce costs?

Factor hobbies and services into your monthly budget to see if the numbers still work out in the black.


You don't want to sit around in your new home bored, so of course you want to factor in entertainment costs. How much do you spend now on entertainment? Add up those costs and balance them with buying a home. You don't want to get tired of your new home because you don't have the money to do anything fun.


If you’re in your 20s, you should try to save 10% of your income; in your 30s, you should be saving 15%. If you need to cut back on your retirement savings to make a home purchase work, think hard about when you’ll be able to get back to your ideal contribution levels and how much you may be losing out on during that time.

Although home ownership can help build long-term wealth, it’s important to also maintain retirement savings for future security.

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