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April 1, 2020

Get Your Berks County Home Clean for Spring

Since most of us are in need of something productive to do, now is the time to get out the cleaning supplies and take care of your spring cleaning. If you plan to sell your home in Berks County soon, cleaning your home is a must. But if you're ...

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Feb. 26, 2020

Things to Look at When Buying a Home in Berks County

Things to look at when buying a homeThere are so many things to consider when you're looking for the perfect home in Berks County. The condition of the home is one major consideration. But there's more to consider when buying a home. Just one walk-through is not enough to really analyze if any home will ...

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Feb. 12, 2020

Changes to FICO Credit Scoring - Will It Make Buying a Home in Berks County Easier?

Changes to FICO Credit Scoring - Will They Make Buying a Home in Berks County Easier?By the end of this year, the way that FICO credit scores are measured will change. How will these changes affect your ability to buy a home in Berks County? That all depends on how you currently manage your credit. What exactly will change about the way FICO scores will ...

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Dec. 11, 2019

What to Keep in Mind When Selling Your Berks County Home in the Winter

What to Keep in Mind When Selling Your Berks County Home in the WinterAre you getting a new job or need to relocate quickly? Most people prefer to sell their home in Berks County during the Spring and Summer months, as there are typically more buyers on the market. But if you need to sell your home during the Winter, you can still ...

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Oct. 10, 2019

James Ernst Gets Top Reviews

When it comes to being successful selling real estate, experience matters. With 24 years of experience helping home buyers and sellers in Berks County, it's no surprise that James has a 4.9 of 5 star rating on Realtor.com. James grew up here in Berks County and raised ...

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Sept. 12, 2019

Understanding Real Estate Representation In Berks County

When you buy a home in Berks County, there can be different types of representation to take care of the sale. The legal relationship you have with a real estate agent is called an agency relationship. 

Here are 3 possible ways you can be represented during the home buying ...

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Sept. 5, 2019

How to Get a Mortgage For Your Berks County Home

Are you planning to buy a home in Berks County? If you are, the first thing you should think about is the mortgage.

Buying a home is probably the most important purchase you'll ever make. For example, to show how much you'll spend over the course of the ...

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Aug. 15, 2019

How Much Mortgage You Can Afford For Your Berks County Home?

Home ownership in Berks County should offer safety and security, especially financial security. That's why it's important to carefully calculate how much you truly can afford for a mortgage to make sure it fits comfortably in your budget.

Prepare a Detailed Budget

The standard rule of thumb says ...

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Aug. 8, 2019

Negotiate Your Best House Buy in Berks County

Buying a home in Berks County can have emotional moments. Yet when it comes to negotiating a price for the home, you want to keep emotions at a minimum.

This is where your agents comes in to guide you through this process. Your agent will give you advice, but in ...

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July 25, 2019

Tips for Buying a Foreclosure Home in Berks County

When a home is foreclosed in Berks County, the bank's goal is to sell it as fast as possible. Lenders will use a real estate agent to sell the property, since selling homes is not what banks do.

If you're thinking about buying a foreclosed home in Berks ...

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