You've found the perfect home for sale in Berks County and closed the deal. Now for the fun part - buying furniture! But hold on, don't get carried away. Doing so can lead to costly mistakes. When it comes to buying furniture for your home, there are a number of points to consider to make sure you buy the right items.

Measure Twice, Move Once

Will your new luxury leather couch fit through the front door, or any of your doors? There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a piece of furniture and not be able to get it in the house. Also, consider the size of the room you’re placing your furniture. Would it be too big or small? Make sure that you get the measurements on the furniture you’re buying and compare it to the space you plan to put it. You can also download an app for your pad or phone that will help you visualize how furniture will look in your home.


Hardwood furniture is certainly appealing and will last for many years, but it does take more maintenance than furniture made with synthetic materials. Make sure that you have the time and know-how to care for hardwood furniture before you invest in it.

Avoid Fads

Will that trendy chair or sofa still be in style next year? If you want to avoid having your home look dated, consider more classic styles. Classic styles will outlive trends for generations and always keep your home looking good.

Take Some Time

There’s no law that says you have to buy the first piece of furniture that strikes your fancy. It’s a lot like buying a home. Did you buy the first home you saw? Probably not. When you take your time, there’s more of a chance of finding the best products that will compliment your home.

Think Ahead

What are your living plans over the next few years? Are you staying in your home indefinitely? Or are you planning to upgrade in the a few years? Base your furniture choices on your plans as much as possible and you won’t have to spend more money than you need to if you do move.

Cost and Budget

Lay out a budget before you dive into the furniture stores or shop online. And of course, furniture stores have all sorts of sales and plans to get you to buy more than you need. Stay focused on your goals and budget. If you buy furniture using credit plans offered by these stores, you will pay more than you need to for items that are not necessarily of higher quality. Remember – furniture stores exist to make money.

If you keep these thoughts in mind when buying furniture for your home in Berks County, you can make great choices that will make your home look amazing for years to come.

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