It gets cold in Berks County in the winter, so you know how vital it is to have a working furnace. Your home stays warm and cozy all year round. Normally, the system runs in the background of your home without your involvement, but it does require some maintenance to remain in good working order.

Over time, you should not be surprised when your system shows signs of problems or stops working altogether if you ignore it for years. Here are a few things you can do to prepare your furnace for the winter.

Get it Serviced and Maintained Regularly

Maintaining your furnace regularly will keep it in great shape for as long as possible. Over time, many furnaces and HVAC systems in general will begin to develop issues that limit their effectiveness or make them less efficient.

In some cases, these signs are obvious, but in others, they will require professional diagnosis and treatment. Once a year, you should have your furnace tuned and inspected by an expert to ensure that all issues are dealt with. A team of experts will examine various components and run tests to ensure everything is in order.

Make sure to take time to find the right company who specializes in Furnace Repair in Berks County. You need to choose one that has a lot of experience and solid reviews backing up their work.

Change the Filter Frequently

Make sure you change your furnace's filter frequently in between visits from a professional to keep it working properly. In addition to preventing dirt, dust, and other debris from entering your HVAC system, the air filter can also help maintain a healthy air quality.

However, this filter will become clogged up over time, making it less efficient. The furnace will have to work harder pushing air through a dirty filter, resulting in a shorter lifespan. It is therefore important to replace the filter periodically to keep everything running smoothly.

When it comes to how often to change your filter, the answer can depend. In some cases, a filter should be changed monthly, while others can last a couple of months. You will generally want to change yours out more frequently if you have pets or kids.

Keep Vents and Registers Clear

Make sure all vents and registers are clear to keep your furnace running efficiently. Covering up these vents will prevent most of the heat from reaching your home's different rooms.

Because your home isn’t heating up like it should, your furnace will continue to pump out more and more hot air, which ends up also being primarily blocked. This can lead to a ton of wear and tear in the system, and even cause your utility bills to skyrocket.

As a result, keeping furniture over vents or blocking registers with clothing piles, boxes, or a variety of other things is generally not recommended.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can make sure that your furnace is always in the best shape possible.

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