If you are thinking about designing an interior for a single bedroom or an entire home in Berks County, you know that the scheme should suit your tastes. You may find more excitement in your plans if you check out some popular trends. 

Get familiar with the styles and features that are currently popular in living rooms before you start shopping for new furniture and decor. Here are some great interior design inspirations for rejuvenating a living space and creating a relaxing, comfortable space. 

Classic is Back

Spurred by the pandemic and following economic woes, many consumers opted to repurpose vintage furniture and decor to renovate their living spaces. In fact, incorporating more sustainability into homes was already a trend before 2020. In order to avoid buying mass-produced furniture inspired by mid-century style, people upcycled the original. 

It has been the living rooms that have received the most attention. Newer furnishings with an inspired classic style are now available from manufacturers worldwide for those who are not crafty by nature. 

Sustainable Living Room Styles

As the climate changes, creating a sustainable environment is a top priority at home and at work. As well as upcycling electronics and decor, eco-friendly furniture can be incorporated. You can even get your sofa's wood from a vendor who does not source from endangered forests.

Better still? Earth-friendly materials like stone, wood, and rattan add warmth and an exotic touch to your decor.

Bright Colors, Patterns, and Prints

You can add a touch of energy to your living room's atmosphere by using bright colors. Infusing a few brightly-patterned accents into a minimalist design style can work wonders without a brush ever being used.

You can even include fun patterns and prints on your furniture to provide contrast and a focal point in your layout. Give your moldings and millwork a facelift with a fresh coat of vibrant paint instead of buying new furniture. 

Incorporate Outdoor Elements 

Designing your home interior in a biophilic manner is a wonderful way to reconnect with mother nature. In over-modernized living rooms with entertainment and electronics, this is an especially popular trend. By adding plants, improving the lighting and using natural woods and fabrics, you can achieve a balance of relaxation and a sense of harmony in this space. 

Put an end to the generic shag carpeting and choose natural stone tile flooring and woven rugs for a different level of texture that makes you feel closer to the outdoors.

Minimalism and Multifunctionality Are Back

Think about minimalism as an alternative to a maximalist approach to your living room's design. If you want your space to stand out, go beyond silhouettes and cool colors-add multifunctionality. 

Your living room may have felt overcrowded with its current layout after spending more time in it than ever over the past two years. A minimalist scheme doesn't have to sacrifice functionality. A portion of this space could be used for a workout area or an expanded home office. 

Curved Living Room Furniture

Round shapes have dominated furniture and decor trends for several years. Retro-inspired home decor has come back as a result of this phenomenon, however modern manufacturing has transformed these curvy pieces to meet today's sartorial preferences. 

70's Decor and Colors 

We still love many things about the 70s, but when it comes to interior design for the living room, the textures, the mustard and sage color palettes, and the mid-century style furniture are incredibly popular. 

Consider incorporating more of the 70s-era interior design style look into your living room if you love teak wood, textured fabrics, and peg-styled furniture legs. 

When it comes to comfort and aesthetics, designing a living room that creates the relaxing environment you expect requires some planning. Take measurements and gather fabric, paint, and wallpaper swatches before buying any furniture to ensure it will fit style-wise and dimensionally. You will be able to put it all together before you buy and minimize second thoughts once you begin transforming the space. 

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