What to Keep in Mind When Selling Your Berks County Home in the WinterAre you getting a new job or need to relocate quickly? Most people prefer to sell their home in Berks County during the Spring and Summer months, as there are typically more buyers on the market. But if you need to sell your home during the Winter, you can still have a successful sale. Here's a few things to keep in mind.

Be Real

Since there will be fewer buyers during the Winter months, don't expect to be flooded with offers and crowded open houses. As an experienced real estate agent, James Ernst knows the Berks County market and will help you set your home at a price that will sell the fastest in this market. Keep your expectations realistic and you won't be disappointed.

The Right Price

Pricing your home to sell during Winter can be a little more tricky with fewer buyers. And again, your agent will guide you to set the optimal price for the market in Berks County, using comparable home sales in your neighborhood. 

Setting the Stage

You don't need to break the bank to appeal to home buyers.  You can start by de-cluttering and depersonalizing your home. Put as many of your possessions as possible out of sight of buyers so they can visualize your home as a clean slate that they will make their own. Make sure to focus on rooms such as the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen, as these are the rooms that matter most to buyers. 

Curb Appeal

Make sure you don't leave yard debris to collect on the lawn. The winter months in Berks County can be more challenging when it comes to keeping the outside of your home clean and appealing to buyers, but it's a must. You need to be prepared for last-minute showings as well, so your curb appeal needs to be kept up through the selling process.

Dial Back the Holiday Decor

If you love to deck your halls with the full range of holiday decor, you may want to skip doing so this year. You want your home to shine on its own, not from the bright Christmas lights. If you really feel the need to put up decorations, keep it simple and tasteful as to not distract from your home.

Be Flexible

To sell your home as fast as possible, you need to be available when buyers want to view your home. This means you may want to limit holiday gatherings at your home and make sure your home is neat and tidy.

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